How Does WeVett Work?

Vetting military-friendly real estate agents requires both in-depth knowledge of military life and ample experience working in the real estate world.

Transparency from the start

WeVett doesn’t use a complicated formula or algorithm to match you with the right agent. We simply use our real estate and military knowledge as background for our interviews with top agents in your area.

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It's about you

The vetting process is built on relationships.

Let’s make sure we get ours right from the beginning.

It all starts with a conversation

The most important part of the vetting process is our team getting to know you. Are you military or veteran? Are you moving from out of state? Are you using a VA loan?

In order to find you the right real estate agent, we first need to discuss your goals for your real estate transaction. We usually do this in an initial 10 – 15 minute phone call. Buying while overseas? No problem. We can do international phone calls or send you a comprehensive form to fill out at your leisure.

The Process: Step-by-Step


Data Analysis

Using real-time market data, we find the most qualified real estate agents in the area in which you are buying or selling.


Personal Interviews

We conduct in-depth interviews with qualified candidates to confirm their fit for your specific real estate needs.


Recommendation & Support

Finally, we send you our top real estate agent recommendation. WeVett will then provide ongoing support to both you and your agent.

What to Expect

Timeline: Our entire vetting process, from our first phone call with you to our recommendation typically takes 2 business days. That gives us time to research and coordinate all of our interviews. If you need an agent sooner, we can expedite our vetting process, just know we might not be able to interview as many candidates.

Right Fit: We have a very strong track record of finding the right real estate agent for our clients. However, there are many factors that go into the perfect match, including personality and preferences. Unfortunately, we are all prone to human error. If you find your agent is not a good fit, tell us right away so we can quickly connect you with the right agent.

Payment: Luckily, you pay nothing extra for WeVett’s services! WeVett is free of charge for all clients.

How does WeVett get compensated? In the simplest way possible – we are paid a referral commission by the real estate agent when you close on a home. There are a lot of different models out there, but the main difference in what we do is that before ever considering any payment, we first find the right real estate agent for you. That means we are not just searching through the agents that will pay us to send them leads, but also through the top agents that don’t typically subscribe to marketing or referral lists (because they generate enough business on their own.) In the real estate industry, it is standard to pay referral fees out to another real estate agent if a client has moved out of the referring agent’s service area.

Since we are only paid at the successful closing of a real estate transaction, we ask that only clients who are serious about buying or selling have us complete the full vetting service.