The Showing Phase Selling Your Home

Let the product speak for itself – but a clean house with a few nice touches never hurt!


In the Showing Phase, you will be getting your home ready to show and sell. When potential buyers walk into your home, you want them to feel, well, at home. A clean, clutter-free house, with bright spaces, fresh smelling rooms and welcoming touches can make a great first impression on potential buyers.
A few small things you can do before each showing:

    • Turn on all the lights, including lamps
    • Open up the blinds
    • Air out any musty spaces or plug in neutral smelling wall scents
    • ​Remove clutter from counter tops and closets
    • Make sure all spaces are clean and tidy
    • If you have any items that you would like to keep that might be considered fixtures of the house (such as a chandelier or bathroom mirror) – attach a note to mark the item as “Not part of sale – moving with seller”

Additionally, you will want to discuss if and how your real estate agent will market your property while potential buyers are walking through your home. A few common offerings you might see are “walk-through” flyers, For Sale yard signs, or home staging consultations.
You will want to discuss how the buyers get into your home and what information will be available to them as they walk through the house. This is also the time to discuss whether or not you would like your agent to conduct an Open House.

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