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Much Needed Fall Decor after a Military PCS ft. Spouse-ly

Spouse-ly Vendors

The days are getting shorter. The temps are finally dropping…unless you live in Florida or Texas or Kansas or Virginia…or actually, temps don’t seem to be dropping at all anywhere

Assuming Fall weather actually arrives, ’tis the season when everyone starts to move back inside and plan those holiday get-togethers.

Which means people will be looking at your home – and your empty, just PCS’d walls. -gasp!- What do you mean you’ve been stationed here for 2 years? Why are there still boxes in your living room?

…Anyone else guilty of never unpacking?

Well, never fear – we have a solution to save your hopeless decorating skills.

Once again, Spouse-ly to the rescue! Military, veteran and first-responder owned businesses have your back for this year’s Fall decorating. We’ve highlighted 5 businesses with great products, but if they’re not your style, don’t worry, Spouse-ly has thousands of products to choose from!

Captivating Acrylic Prints

military spouse owned business

What’s more fitting than a beautiful print titled “September End?” Aubrey Gray founded Little Mama Gray’s Brush a little over a year ago. She loves being a stay at home mom, but wanted to put her amazing talent to work to bring people fine art to love and cherish for a lifetime. She is an acrylic artist currently based out of Jacksonville, NC.

Reclaimed Wood Blanket Ladder

military owned wood working business

How about a custom made blanket ladder made from locally reclaimed pine to get ready for those cozy movie nights? This Large Blanket Ladder stands 5’ tall by 13” wide. Established in 2018 by Travis Sites, a Navy husband, Reinvented Wood Works decided to make a silver lining in the midst of natural disasters and use reclaimed wood from those disasters to create beautiful pieces of work.

Maple Welcome Sign

veteran and spouse owned  business

Are you ready to welcome friends and family into your new home? This hanging door sign can be used inside or out! Deutsche Ecke, meaning German Corner, is a veteran spouse owned business created by Jasmin and Ivonne as an outlet and sort of therapy to work through the challenges of military life. They learned to cope with life’s obstacles by picking up a paint brush and letting life’s worries melt away.

Hand-Poured Soy Wax Fall Candles

army small business

Want a hand-poured, high-end scented candle that honors your duty station? The Fragrant Bean was started in 2014 B.A. (before Army… LOL) by Bethany! All of the candles here are hand-poured and crafted in small batches with quality ingredients. Their wax contains no preservatives and is both natural and kosher. Moreover, it provides a 30-50% longer burn than paraffin wax candles, and does not produce the black petroleum-carbon soot that you often find in other waxes. `

Custom Family Illustrations

military spouse small business

Get ready for your stand-out wall decor piece that will get tons of comments from house guests! Check out these custom military family portraits from military spouse, Amanda, owner of Dalki Designs. Not only are Amanda’s family portraits unique and tasteful, but it’s one way to get a family photo on the wall without having to get everyone dressed… and matching.

We hope these five spotlights got your wheels turning on the quality offered in the Spouse-ly marketplace — but don’t stop here! From gifts, to home decor, interior design services, to DIY baking kits…browse Spouse-ly until your heart is content. And at the end of the day, remember that this is an online purchase with a cause that you can feel good about.

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