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Ready to join a team that has fun, takes care of each other and strives for excellence in all we do?

You've come to the right place!

Our team is small but mighty.

We are a group of talented people driven by our purpose:

To be proud of something when we die.

We live and work by
these core values.

Pursue meaningful
connection daily.

In a world where it is easier and easier to shy away from people and connection, we actively seek it out.

We thrive on building strong, meaningful relationships with people – the kind that you can depend on and return to year after year after year.

We are sincere and earnest and true in a way that makes people feel cared for and welcome. When we build a relationship, we aim to build it for life.

Win with Integrity.

We do the right thing, always. It’s not just a hat we wear in the office, it’s an integral piece of who we are. 

When no one is watching, we do the right thing. When it seems like it’s small and insignificant, we don’t make exceptions. When we say we’ll do it, we do it.

Our integrity is never negotiable and every single interaction we have reinforces that.

Live with passion
and enthusiasm.

We are passionate people. 

We don’t shuffle about our days with lackluster enthusiasm and lazy ambitions. We attack the day with zeal.

We care about what we do and why we do it. We get excited about improving the world and leaving the people around us better than we found them. Creating new things and building something worthwhile energizes us every day.

The people around us can’t help but feel our enthusiasm for life and that kind of passion is contagious.

Be a Buffalo.

Unlike the rest of the animal kingdom, the Buffalo charges straight into a storm because he knows the fastest way is through it.

At WeVett, we aren’t afraid of a challenge. We charge ahead and face it head on, together.

Our clients know that we will tackle our work with an intensity and confidence that will not only get the job done, but do so faster and better than anyone else. We drive results because we are the kind of people who take action, even in the face of resistance.

Our team members know that we’re in this together as a formidable herd. We barrel into each day with a focused, unstoppable energy that moves us forward as one stampeding force. We fight together, we laugh together, we grow together, and we are there for each other no matter what.

Our families know that they are at the heart of our herd. They are provided for, protected and surrounded by a group of people that believe our work fulfills our personal lives. We don’t live to work, we work to live. Our families feel the abundance of that daily.

Available Positions

TitleWork TypeLocationDepartment
Loan ProcessorFull-timeFlexibleSalesApply Here >
Loan OfficerFull-timeFlexibleSalesApply Here >
Summer InternFull-timeWichita, KSMarketingApply Here >

No positions currently available.

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2024 VA Home Loan Guide

VA Guide

This short guide is designed to provide you the most important details of the VA Loan in an easy-to-use format. Print it out and read at your leisure.

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