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Evan Kaufman at WeVett Home Loans
With Air Force Veteran, Evan Kaufman

Your Guide to Active Duty Military Homeownership

Course #1

What You'll Learn

No matter if you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned homeowner, knowing the ins and outs of buying a home, especially while in the military will help your next purchase be smooth and successful. We’ll go through the 10 steps of home buying together in this classroom session.

Evan Kaufman standing with arms crossed.
With Air Force Veteran, Evan Kaufman
Course #2

What You'll Learn

Almost all you need to know about the VA loan in a 15-minute speed course. We’ll talk about the most common VA loan questions, who qualifies, and how to win your dream home using the VA loan.

Get Pre-Approved for a VA Loan

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I want to refinance a home

Course #3

What You'll Learn

Never again wonder if you should buy a house or rent during a military PCS. We’ve developed a simple method to help you make the right decision for every new assignment. Our vision is that you have a paid for or nearly paid for home when you exit the military, but this only happens if you make the right financial decisions along the way. It all starts here: Do you buy a house at this assignment or do you rent?

Course #4

What You'll Learn

The military has become a common place for homeowners to transition into (often long-distance) landlords – but is this the right choice for you? In this classroom session, we’ll walk you through a step-by-step analysis of selling your property vs turning it into a rental. You’ll walk away with the tools and resources to confidentally make the right decision.

Course #5

What You'll Learn

VA loan assumptions are one of the more complex solutions for funding a military home purchase. In this classroom session, we’ll dispel any myths about assumptions and lay out all the most important facts about assuming a VA loan.

Course #6

What You'll Learn

Become a master of the VA loan. In this course, we will take a deep dive into the history, process and specifics of using the VA loan. Whether you are a buyer, real estate agent or lender, this course will give you a solid foundation for understanding the VA process from A to Z.

Are you ready for homeownership?

Course #7

What You'll Learn

Making the transition from active duty to civilian life is never one to take lightly. Not only will the change transform your identity, pay check and location, but the transition will even affect your path to homeownership. In this course we’ll be discussing military transitions and buying a house.

2024 VA Home Loan Guide

VA Guide

This short guide is designed to provide you the most important details of the VA Loan in an easy-to-use format. Print it out and read at your leisure.

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