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USAFA Cadet to Content Creator, Sam Eckholm’s Swift Rise to Media Success

Sam Eckholm

Have you ever considered taking that leap of faith to make your hobby a full-time career? For the majority of us, those pipe dreams never quite come to fruition. But for Sam Eckholm, that leap of faith has led to the beginning of an incredible journey. Sam started his first successful career as an Air […]

The OODA Loop You Never Knew You Needed


How can you manage and structure your money to build long-term financial stability for you and your family?

With the proposed 4.6% military pay increase beginning in January 2023 plus the increases in Base Housing Allowance (BAH) – the opportunity is ripe for making adjustments to your wealth building plan.

Best Way to Maximize Your 2023 Military Pay Raise (that Most People Overlook)

2023 military pay raise

We’re approaching a new year, and we all know what that means for our military pay – it’s time for a raise! It will be the biggest raise in 20 years if Congress approves the 4.6% increase. Before you break out any questionable celebratory dance moves over all the things you’re going to buy, let’s […]

State of the Union: WeVett Edition

WeVett Tailgate 2022 - 5

A Sneak Peek at WeVett’s GIANT Leap in 2023 As you all know, our goal is to bring consistency to the PCS process – so that every PCS you make is another great stepping stone on your military journey. For the last five years we’ve been there to help you find real estate agents that […]

2024 VA Home Loan Guide

VA Guide

This short guide is designed to provide you the most important details of the VA Loan in an easy-to-use format. Print it out and read at your leisure.

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