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How it all began

We believed finding personalized, trustworthy advice for the big decisions in life was worth the effort.

Moving with the military

WeVett began with military in mind.

Relocating to an unknown city across the country, sometimes while even stationed or deployed overseas, is hard enough. Now add in trying to navigate a real estate transaction with a real estate agent who doesn’t understand the military…

Not easy, and it’s a toss-up whether it will end well.

As former military ourselves, we sought to alleviate this recurring stresser by providing a free service that would significantly decrease the likelihood of having a negative real estate transaction.

Thus, WeVett was created!

Our clients today

WeVett has now had the opportunity to personally work with military members as far away as South Korea and as close as Ohio – with incredible success!

We have also been blessed to help many non-military as well who were simply relocating or just needed advice on a good real estate agent.

Whatever your situation, we are here to help!

Why is WeVett necessary?

Why did we decide that WeVett was necessary? After-all, there are many ways to quickly find a real estate agent online or by word of mouth.

A couple of reasons:


Just like with anything else, real estate has good agents and not so good agents. The trick is spotting the difference before it’s too late. Part-time agents, agents with little experience and those with unhappy previous clients are ones you definitely want to avoid.

Specific Situation

Each real estate transaction is different because each buyer and seller is different. Depending upon your needs you will want an agent who is familiar with situations like yours. For example, if you are relocating from out of state, you will need an agent who can virtually show you homes and send you documents digitally.


There are many nuances and specialties that distinguish real estate agents. Some agents do 90% of their business with buyers, while others might solely work with sellers. If you own or are considering a specific type of property, such as an investment or a tract of land, you will want to work with a specialist in that area.

Relevant Location

Location is key when finding a real estate agent. You want someone who knows the local market, is familiar with the neighborhoods and can give you insider’s knowledge, not someone who has to drive an hour to show you a home. This is especially important in larger cities that have micro-markets.

Price Range

Your price range will dictate the agent you use. It is typically not a wise decision to sell a $800,000 home with an agent who primarily works with $100,000 homes or less, and vice versa. A real estate agent who is well versed in your price range will have the hands-on expertise needed to provide you the best, most accurate advice.


The level and quality of communication from your agent will determine the outcome of your real estate transaction more than anything else. Your experience will be either fantastic or horrific all depending upon the whether or not your real estate agent can communicate with you and with the other agent in the transaction.

Who is WeVett?

The Carrs Photography is an editorial wedding & portrait photography studio specializing in documenting fine weddings and storytelling portraits in the Midwest and Worldwide

We are real estate agents vetting real estate agents.

WeVett was created by a group of real estate agents who were passionate about helping relocating clients to find top agents in their next city.

Several of our co-founding members were former military, where relocation was a way of life. Vetting was the solution to many of the challenges that they faced in the past.

We’ve been there. We have the power to help others in the same place.

More than anything, that is why WeVett.

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All of our team members who help people through the real estate process are licensed real estate agents with WeVett in Wichita, KS. #CO00003195

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