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Learn more about the BAH

The Base Allowance for Housing (BAH) provides military service members funds for housing and related costs for non-government provided quarters. Your BAH rate is determined by your paygrade, location of your duty station, and dependency status.

The US Department of Defense calculates the rates based on a combination of local housing and related costs for each duty zone. BAH rates fluctuate based on previous year’s housing costs, but decreases in BAH rate do not apply as long as your situation stays the same.

When Does BAH Rate Change?

  • Promotion to a New Pay Grade

  • New Dependent (get married, have a baby, etc.)

  • PCS to a Different Location

  • DOD Updates BAH at the Start of Each Year

Your individual BAH rate can only decrease in the following three ways:

  1. PCS to a new location. You will receive the BAH rate that is in effect at the new duty station based on your report date.
  2. You are demoted. If you are demoted, your BAH rate will change to the current rate for your new paygrade. Promotions will not reduce your BAH rate, as the higher of your current and new rates will apply in this case.
  3. Your dependency status changes. Your BAH rate will change to the current rate of that dependency status, effective on the date of the dependency change.

Can You Use BAH On The VA Loan?

Yes, military can use Basic Allowance for Housing as income when applying for a VA home loan. Mortgage lenders will factor in your monthly BAH if included on your loan application.

Be aware, if you opt for a home at the top end of your price range, BAH might not always cover your entire mortgage payment.

If you land on the opposite end of the spectrum and purchase a home with a monthly payment under your BAH, then you are free to save or deploy that cash elsewhere.

Check out how your rate compares to your mortgage payments on our unique WeVett Mortgage Calculator With BAH ComparisonĀ©

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