Can I Do an IRRRL Right Now? (Streamlined Refi)

With the recent talk of interest rates taking a dip, will I be able to take advantage of lower rates and refinance? If we can lower your rate by at least half a percent, the VA will allow us to do an IRRRL.

What is a VA IRRRL?


The interest rate reduction refinance loan is an incredible tool for military using the VA loan. It allows you to refinance without needing an appraisal, income verification, etc.

VA Refinance Opportunities NOW (Today VA IRRRLs)

VA Refinance Opportunity - VA IRRRL

Purchase a home in early to mid 2023 with high rates on a VA loan? Now is your time to check if you’re eligible for a VA streamlined refinance (IRRRL). While the VA requires at 210 days from your first payment date to do a VA IRRRL, it is still worthwhile to find out if you can lock lower rates in advance.

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