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For active military, the only thing you need to know about the mandatory occupancy period with the VA loan is very simple and short.

My name is Evan Kaufman, your VA originator. I’ll give you the short solution and then a bonus on top of that.

The one thing you really need to know for the VA mandatory period is 60 days.

Meaning that if you’re closing on a home with a VA loan, you need to intend on occupying that home within a 60-day period after closing.

However, the bonus is that you can also have your spouse or family members occupy the home.

Sometimes we’ll get asked from folks, especially coming back from overseas, coming back to the US, “Hey Evan, I’m not going to be there in time to meet that occupancy. I heard I have to get into the home right away.”

Well, hey Johnny, Susan, whatnot – are you sure it’s just going to be you? Or is your husband or wife, someone coming back, coming in to live in the home sooner than that?

See, that can technically qualify.

There’s a couple of other good exceptions too.

Feel free to reach out; I’m able to help walk those through with you.

But the basics are, remember 60 days, and then on top of that, that there are some exclusions.

That means you can help buy that home with a VA loan earlier than you usually can expect, especially if you’re active duty.

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