Connecting military with vetted real estate agents.

From your first move to your last move, anywhere in the nation.

PCS with WeVett.

The mission

Helping all active duty military make good financial decisions, starting with their largest investment. A home.

Why a military specialist?

We are former military and current real estate agents. You can feel confident that we have the experience needed to identify the best real estate agent for your upcoming PCS.

We research and interview real estate agents specifically for your military move.

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How It Works

We have a proven, 3-step process to match you with the right real estate agent.


Data Analysis

Using real-time market data, we find the most qualified real estate agents in the area in which you are buying or selling.


Personal Interviews

We conduct in-depth interviews with qualified candidates to confirm their fit for your specific real estate needs.


Recommendation & Support

Finally, we send you our top real estate agent recommendation. WeVett will then provide ongoing support to both you and your agent.

WeVett, Vetted by Real People

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Frequently asked questions

No. Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to help with finding rentals or rental real estate agents.

There are a few online sites such as Zillow, Apartments.com, Realtor.com, Hotpads, etc. that can give you a good idea of the available rentals in the area. That is a good place to start.

You can also search for local property management companies – they will have a list of available homes and apartments that they manage and can quickly coordinate showings and leases for you.

Our entire vetting process, from our first phone call with you to our recommendation typically takes 24-48 hours (during business days.) That gives us time to research and coordinate all of our interviews. If you need an agent sooner, we can expedite our vetting process, just know we will not be able to vet as many candidates.

Yes, but WeVett can only match you with a different real estate agent if you officially end the relationship with your current agent.

This will need to be a discussion between you and your current agent. If you signed a representation contract, you will both need to sign a document saying that the relationship has been terminated.

Yes! We will help you get all your boxes checked before you need to actively start searching for a home. This includes helping you find a real estate agent who can familiarize you with the local area and neighborhoods.

In the simplest way possible – we are paid a referral commission by the real estate agent when you close on a home. You pay us nothing out of pocket.

There are a lot of different models out there, but the main difference in what we do is that before ever considering any payment, we first find the right real estate agent for you.

That means we are searching for agents regardless of whether or not they will pay us. This allows us to search through the top agents that don’t typically subscribe to marketing or referral lists (because they generate enough business on their own.) In the real estate industry, it is then standard to pay referral fees out to another real estate agent if a client is outside of the referring agent’s service area.

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