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Should I Work with a Real Estate Agent?

benefits of using a real estate agent

If you are thinking about buying or selling a home, you are probably weighing the pros versus cons of using a real estate agent. The cost of homeownership can be high, do you really want to pay a realtor commission too? Is it worth it to use a real estate agent?

The short answer is: YES!

Here is a short list of seven reasons why using a real estate agent to buy or sell your home is totally worth it.

1. Access to all of the home listing databases.

Using online search engines to look for homes or scrolling your favorite real estate phone apps from multiple states away will only get you so far! Real estate agents have access to multiple databases that talk to each other allowing you to see the most up-to-date listings.

2. A hired tour guide.

Real estate agents are there to help you with the buying or selling process from start to finish. They understand the forms, reports, disclosures, and other legal and financial documents that are required to process sales. No need to add additional stress trying to figure that out by yourself!

3. Objective information.

Realtors are trained to have an unbiased eye when it comes to real estate. In fact, they are legally required to give unbiased, fact-based information without “steering” their clients towards or away from homes or neighborhoods.They will help you meet your buying goals without busting your budget and provide you all the best local knowledge at your new PCS location!

4. Make more money selling your home.

Statistically, agents help homes sell for more versus those “For Sale by Owner.” 2022 data from the National Association of Realtors show that FSBO homes sold at a median of $225,000 last year, significantly lower than the median of agent-assisted homes at $330,000. If your agent charges a 6% commission, but you sell for 23% less, you are giving up 17% in value!

5. Walking Rolodexes.

If this is your first time going through the home buying process, it can get tricky. Unexpected things often pop up. Real estate agents have a long list of contacts for anything you may need. Looking for a lawyer at midnight? Are you suddenly in a termite crisis? The kitchen sink is leaking? Your agent will have tried and true recommendations to call.

6. Selling a home vs. Marketing it.

Homes do not just sell themselves. You will not sell a home by listing it on a website and leaving it there. Homes need to be marketed! Your real estate agent will be able to get the home listed on the best websites, market its eye-catching qualities, and share the house in their regular networks. Make sure your home gets the visibility it needs!

7. Local Experience.

Even if you have lived in a city your entire life, knowing the nuances of a real estate market are extremely complex if you are not actively engaged in it on a daily basis. As a military home buyer, it is impossible to have that insight from afar.

Building a relationship with a local expert can provide a wealth of benefits. Everything from explaining traffic patterns, recommending local restaurants and highlighting little known city traditions to explaining the real estate negotiation landscape, bringing off-market properties to your attention or sharing crucial information about city growth that might affect future home prices.

In today’s digital world, it can be very tempting to downplay the part a real estate agent plays in the home buying and selling process. Why find a property with an agent when you can search it on Zillow? (Fun fact, all of the information found on Zillow is provided by your local real estate agents!)

We believe though that there is still a huge amount of value in working with a real estate agent who is an expert in their field, especially if you are in the military and purchasing or selling from afar. Not only will your experience be smoother, but you might even develop a friendship that will outlast the close of your home sale.

If you are looking for a military-friendly real estate agent in your area and don’t know where to start, our sister company, WeVett Realty specializes in finding high quality, military-specialized real estate agents all over the country. Fill out a form on their website or give them a call to get started.

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