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5 Highest, Lowest Locations for 2023 BAH Increase


Military compensation has taken major steps lately in preparation for 2023.

We’ve known for a while about the expected 4.6% pay increase for service members happening in January, but the largest BAH increase in history announced this week was icing on the cake (for most service members, at least.)

The Department of Defense released the 2023 BAH rates Thursday and, on average, rates are jumping 12.1% nationally.


Of the 300 designated military housing areas, 291 will see increases in BAH, five will see decreases and four areas will stay the same.

Not every rank at each location is increasing or decreasing to the same degree. Make sure to double check what your specific rate change is before making any assumptions or financial decisions. Visit our BAH Calculator to see 2023 rates.

We’ve collected the rates for the top areas who have seen the largest increase and also those who have seen the smallest increase, or unfortunately, decrease in rates.*

Using the rank of O-3 with dependents as an example, here they are:

Top Five Locations for the Largest Increase*

1. Vandenberg Space Force Base, CA

2022: $2,571 | 2023: $3,102


2. Patrick AFB, FL

2022: $2,154 | 2023: $2,730


3. Dover Air Force Base, DE

2022: $1,920 | 2023: $2,514


4. Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Base, CA

2022: $1,977 | 2023: $2,706


5. Miami, FL

2022: $3,054 | 2023: $3,939


Top Five Locations for the Lowest Increase*

1. Lake Charles, LA

2022: $2,016 | 2023: $1,794


2. Alamogordo, NM

2022: $1,587 | 2023: $1,539


3. Enid, OK

2022: $1,512 | 2023: $1,488


4. Buffalo, NY

2022: $2,403 | 2023: $2,484


5. Long Island, NY

2022: $4,245 | 2023: $4,383


*This is only an example. Some ranks BAH rates may have increased or decreased to lesser degrees at the above bases.

Rates are falling on average in Lake Charles, LA by 10%; Alamogordo, NM, by 4%; Long Island, NY, and Enid, OK by 2%; and Buffalo, NY, by 1%.

Some of the largest increases are happening in California and Florida.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the changes at Eglin Air Force Base and surrounding areas.

Are you PCSing or thinking about buying a home at your current location? The BAH rate change might have affected your purchasing power!

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