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I’m in the Reserves. Can I Use the VA Loan?

The VA loan is one of the most incredible benefits for veterans and active duty military. It allows you to put 0% down with having to pay private mortgage insurance (PMI), typically has lower interest rates than conventional loans, and even allows you to do a streamlined refinance. But can Reserve members use the VA loan as well? Yes they can!

How to Know if You are Eligible

The rules are the same among active duty members, national guard members, and reservists; you need to either have 90 consecutive days of active duty military service or six years with 50 points or higher each year. If you’ve had some years with more points, you might be able to get a little bit ahead, but six years is a safe bet for that. 

The Certificate of Eligibility

This is the document that you need to show that you have all of those points, or you served on active duty for x amount of time. This document comes directly from the Department of Veterans Affairs and will show whether or not you are eligible to use a VA loan.

So as long as you’ve served for 90 consecutive days on active duty or you have six good years of service with at least 50 points per year, you should be eligible to use the VA loan. And once you get your Certificate of Eligibility, you will be able to get your true eligibility directly from the VA.

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