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Air Force Delays PCS Moves

Military PCS Delays

Yesterday, the Air Force announced the delaying of some PCS moves due to a shortfall in the budget.

Headquarters Air Force is reviewing all pending PCS orders for those with report dates of August 1st or later.

Some families will be allowed to move on a “priority basis,” but thousands of others will be delayed. The delay is expected to end in Fiscal Year 2024 which actually begins Oct. 1, 2023!

The rising costs of PCS moves and outdated funding projections for other large projects drove a massive funding gap of almost $200 million.

If you’re on an overseas long tour, you will also be affected. If your “Date Estimated Return from Overseas (DEROS)” is between October – December 2023, it is being extended to January – March 2024.

The Air Force Personnel Center will prioritize and authenticate orders for mandatory movers and requests on a case-by-case basis.

Beginning July 11, 2023, the Air Force is suspending the FY23 selective reenlistment bonus program, pausing the Aviation Bonus program that began June 6, and pausing the new Assignment Incentive Pay until the end of the fiscal year.

They are directing service members to the Total Force Service Center at (210) 565-0102 for specific questions.

We’ll continue to update as new information becomes available and we learn more!

For the full Air Force release, visit https://www.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/3453178/air-force-delays-some-pcss-bonuses/.

If you have questions regarding your home purchase or financing, reach out to us to discuss how the delay might affect you: hello@wevett.com

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