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Author | Public Affairs Officer | Stategic Communicator | Public Relations Specialist


Military, Public Affairs, Copywriting



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USAFA Cadet to Content Creator, Sam Eckholm’s Swift Rise to Media Success

Have you ever considered taking that leap of faith to make your hobby a full-time career? For the majority of us, those pipe dreams never quite come to fruition. But for Sam Eckholm, that leap of …

Four Main Home Loan Types

There is a wide variety when it comes to home loan options and how you can structure your mortgage. For the majority of people, however, there are four main types of home loans to become familiar …

STZY Footwear, Socks with a Future

Our youth are our future. Anthony Cosby, the founder of STZY Footwear believes this at his core, and he’s on a mission to help student athletes around the globe. After serving more than 20 years in the United States Navy, Anthony had a dream to create a brand that just meant more.

The Millennial Veteran: Building a Positive Community Post-Military

After transitioning out of the U.S. Navy, Jenna Carlton struggled to find her place. She knew she needed a community… but she couldn’t find one that felt right, so what did she do? She created it! A positive uplifting community called The Millennial Veteran.

VA IRRRLs: Interest Rate Game Changers

One of the greatest benefits of using a VA Home Loan is having access to the VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan… or as we like to say your favorite Uncle IRRRL (pronounced Earl)! What does …

Military, Finance and Entrepreneurship with Erik Baskin

After serving in the Air Force, Erik Baskin launched his own fee-only financial planning company, Baskin Financial Planning.

Much Needed Fall Decor after a Military PCS ft. Spouse-ly

Military, veteran and first-responder owned businesses have your back for this year's Fall decorating. Check out these five great products on Spouse-ly!

Ones Ready Transforms Air Force Special Warfare Recruitment

After five years, 711 videos, and 265 podcasts, Ones Ready has changed the game for new recruits interested in Air Force Special Warfare. Read their story here.

PATTERN OPS: Military Shirts You Actually WANT to Wear

It’s a Friday night, you left work at 4:30 p.m…(just kidding, we know you left at 3!) You’re planning to go out for drinks with your friends, but don’t know what to wear. All you know …

WeVett Partners with Spouse-ly to Elevate Military Entrepreneurs

Over the past six months, WeVett has been spotlighting different entrepreneurs who have roots in military service – veterans, spouses, active duty, reservists, etc. Is it a little weird for a home loans company to be …

To DITY or Not to DITY

It’s that time of year again. The smell of cardboard boxes and packing tape in the air. You’re wondering just exactly how many trips to the dump you can take because you’re so tired of packing. …

SheCasa Breaks Barriers to Become the First All-Female Pilot Crashpad

SheCasa had to break down barriers at Randolph Air Force Base to become the first crashpad for female pilots. Check out this interview with founder, Naomi White.

Buying vs Building a House: Which is Better in the Military?

As a military home buyer, what should you take into account if you are considering building or purchasing a new build over an existing home? We came up with a pros and cons list to lend you a hand.

The Easiest PCS Ever.

What do you get when you throw together a toddler, a newborn baby, a four-month long TDY (four months-ish because…you know how that goes), a PCS, and a separation from Active-Duty? Read Savannah's PCS story!

3 Non-Boring Ways to Spend Your 2023 Military Pay Raise

Let’s shake off the burdens of adulting for a minute and discuss some non-boring ways to spend your 2023 military pay raise.

The OODA Loop You Never Knew You Needed

How can you manage and structure your money to build long-term financial stability for you and your family? With the proposed 4.6% military pay increase beginning in January 2023 plus the increases in Base Housing Allowance (BAH) - the opportunity is ripe for making adjustments to your wealth building plan.

Left Foot, Right Foot: Take the Steps NOW to Prepare for Retirement

The question isn’t at what age I want to retire, it’s at what income. George Foreman Imagine this. It’s 2034, you’ve applied to retire in 365 days, and you can finally fill out the DD Form …

Meet the Makers of the Best Custom Woodshop in the Military

What do you get when you mix PCS orders to Albuquerque, a one-car garage and a husband-wife duo who loves to tinker? A best-selling custom woodshop that churns out beautiful work to the military community!

Best Way to Maximize Your 2023 Military Pay Raise (that Most People Overlook)

We’re approaching a new year, and we all know what that means for our military pay – it’s time for a raise! It will be the biggest raise in 20 years if Congress approves the 4.6% …

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